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Welcome, I'm Dr. V.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I help people discover their path to wellness, authenticity, and balance. 

For many of us, life can feel challenging, unpredictable, and overwhelming to navigate. Starting therapy can feel daunting. Fear of stigma, judgment, and uncertainty about the therapy process can be huge barriers to caring for our mental health. 

Visiting this site is a major step toward your breakthrough! I can not wait to hear more about your commitment to self-discovery and transformation.

How I Work with You

I use a wide range of tools to help BIPOC-identifying clients, particularly people of immigrant backgrounds and international identities, navigate complex cross-cultural and intergenerational problems in their families and other relationships. I help my clients find the language to understand painful experiences and lift emotional and cognitive barriers that have been in the way of their healing. Whether in a brief treatment or a longer-term relationship, clients ultimately emerge from our work with greater self-compassion, awareness, and hope for life. 

My Services 

*For residents of NY and FL only

One-to-one services via a secure video platform 

Brief and longer-term treatment options available, depending on needs and goals.

*For residents of NY and FL only  

Journey to wellness in community in an intimate group-setting via a secure video platform.

See below for current group offerings.


Supervision, peer consultation, speaking engagements, and more

*For residents of NY and FL only 

Comprehensive Immigration Psychological Evaluations (U/T Visas, Extreme Hardship, VAWA, Asylum, and N-648)

Weekend Reset

Coming in 2024...  

Make space. Return to self. Get GROUNDED.

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